The Real Cost of Workplace Bullying Claim Litigation is Never the Answer

April 10, 2015
The Real Cost of Workplace Bullying Claim Litigation is Never the Answer

Fighting workplace bullying claims in court is an expensive process that leaves both employer and employee worse off, according to the chief executive of logistics giant Asciano.

According to The Australian, Brendan Blomeley had alleged he was bullied by Asciano’s Director of Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, Alex Badenoch. He accused Asciano of ignoring previous complaints and the Asciano Chief Executive John Mullen of breaching his workplace rights after his employment was suspended following the lodging of the complaints.

However, Mullen said in the email the “unfortunate workplace issue” was the result of Blomeley being offered a trial promotion, which was later withdrawn because of “performance management issues”.

“Unfortunately, rather than directly addressing this with us, Brendan instead launched an escalating series of extremely serious claims against Alex, myself and others, many of which we believed were entirely false and were simply designed, in our view, to embarrass the company and put pressure on us to offer a disproportionally [sic] large financial settlement,” Mullen said.

“The whole affair…has cost both Brendan and the company a great deal of money, has materially disrupted the corporate affairs department and other areas of the workplace, and has caused great stress and anxiety to a range of past and current employees that Brendan sought to involve to further his own interests,” Mullen said.

Source: AHRI