Review to Subclass 457 TSMIT is underway

January 10, 2016
Review to Subclass 457 TSMIT is underway

A review to the Subclass 457 visa program TSMIT (Temporary Skilled Migration Incomes Threshold) is underway.  Range of issues included in the review will include the factors that should determine the settings, the appropriate base level, and the roles of indexation and regional concessions for the TSMIT.

The TSMIT defines the salary threshold for jobs that can be filled by a 457 visa holder and is designed to protect Australian workers and ensure that visa holders are undertaking skilled employment. The current TSMIT is at $53,900 and will be retained until the findings of the review are considered by Government.

The Review will be submitted to the Government by the end of April 2016 for consideration.

Source:  DIBP website