Form 888 in support of Partner Visa must be taken seriously

September 4, 2016
Form 888 in support of Partner Visa must be taken seriously

Departmental officers are increasingly ringing witnesses  who have completed Form 888s in support of partner visas applications-and often that they are not liking what they are hearing:

“I hardly know them- I just signed as a favour to my brother”

“Met them at a pub and agreed to sign”

“I didn’t read it-the migration agent prepared it and I just signed”

And so it goes on.

Form 888 is a Statutory declaration in support of Partner or Prospective Marriage visa application where it asks you questions and then provides you the room to write in regards to a relationship or what someone knows about a relationship.   Friends and family who are writing statements in support of a relationship can either use the Form 888 or a Statutory Declaration. There is a preference for people to use Form 888 because it is listed in one of the Immigration checklist for Partner visa application.  But Form 888s must be taken very seriously and people completing them should be advised that they may get a phone call from the Department.

Source:  P. Bollard 2016