Can you get your money back from immigration? The answer is ……

July 10, 2017
Can you get your money back from immigration? The answer is ……


AVS was recently contacted by a client who lodged a contributory parent visa for his father and was approved.  But months before the approval, the client’s father (the visa holder) started to develop serious health problems such as heart and eye illness.  His health conditions deteriorated after the parent visa was approved. As a result, the visa holder could not meet the initial arrival date condition outlined in the approved parent visa. The client tried to get in touch with the Department to request to postpone the initial arrival date, or refund the visa application charge for a couple of times in the span of nearly a year. However, the client was advised by the immigration officer in their last communication that the father’s case was handed over to a relevant department and there is nothing the client could do but to wait. After another three months’ of waiting, the client heard nothing from the Department and came to AVS for help.

AVS Solution:

This is a tricky situation as getting your money back from immigration for an approved visa may not be imaginable for many people. However, with years of experience, solid knowledge of migration law and principles, the AVS agent was confident to crack this hard case.  Upon reviewing all the visa application documents, the communication history between the client and the Department as well as relevant immigration legislations and Department policies, the principal migration agent of AVS prepared a persuasive submission letter on behalf of the client and lodged the refund request with the Department within 1 week upon the client’s engagement.


Six weeks later, the client got the refund of $43,000 as he has been fighting for nearly a year.


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